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More abilities, less confusion.
DeskManager 11 is packed with more industry-leading features and add-on modules than ever before. Whether you’re an upstart independent dealer or a multi-lot franchise, DeskManager offers you the tools to sell cars faster and more reliably than your competitors.
Scan or type in a VIN, and DeskManager's VIN Decoder adds the vehicle to your inventory with factory information pre-filled. Sort vehicles in one keystroke, and print high-tech QR codes that can be scanned by most smartphones to reveal a vehicle’s full feature list. More »
Now you can easily capture electronic signatures from your customers and simplify the paperwork process with AutoManager’s new electronic signature pad solution. Available in three practical models at conveniently affordable price points. Electronic signature pads capture the highest-quality signature images and imprint them onto your ePay documents before printing them. More »
Send payments, expenses and all your financially relevant DeskManager data directly into the world’s top-selling accounting software. Each time you hit “Send to QuickBooks”, your financial records become current. More »
DeskManager’s huge library of electronic plain paper and impact forms equips you with all the contracts and documentation your state or region requires. Many electronic forms can be printed on inkjet or laser printers and modified to fit the needs of each client. More »
Worried about the complexities of offering buy here pay here financing? Don’t be. Our software makes it easy to set up payments and generate invoices, late notices, and repo letters. More »
Worried about the complexities of offering Buy Here Pay Here financing? Don’t be. Our software makes it easy to set up payments and generate invoices, late notices, and repo letters. More »
Not a WebManager customer yet? We’ve started you off with a basic dealership website so you can see just how easy and useful it is to have your website connected to your DMS. More »
DeskManager can process credit card, debit card and ACH payments through its secure OpenEdge© gateway. We’ll get you up and running with quality payment terminals that safely transmit customer data to DeskManager. More »
Learn the true value of your inventory by checking against it against the top used vehicle pricing resources in the industry — all without ever leaving DeskManager. More »
Plug your service department into DeskManager with a dynamite interface for tracking parts and work orders, scheduling service tasks, monitoring labor hours and more. Integrates with our QuickBooks Interface for accounting, adds service histories to your inventory and even allows you to finance service records onto a deal or lease. More »
If you’re a U.S. dealer who offers in-house financing, your dealership is likely affected by new anti-fraud legislation called "the Red Flag Rules." This DeskManager add-on protects you from costly fines and ID fraud. More »
From vehicle appraisals, to window stickers, to website republishing, our practical Kelley Blue Book integrations will instantly upgrade your AutoManager experience to the next level. Avoid the frustration of being bound to standalone products and having to re-enter vehicle information. Available now on DeskManager, WebManager & AutoManager Mobile at one affordable price per dealership rooftop. More »
For the first time, Dealers using AutoManager can join over 10,000 Dealers and sign up for the SiriusXM® Pre-Owned program. This is at no cost to you and gives your customers a Free 3-Month Trial of SiriusXM®.Over 50% of the new vehicles sold since 2009 are factory-equipped and are now in your inventory. Participating in this program is a simple way to increase customer satisfaction with their purchase by making every drive come alive! More »
Send deal and customer information directly to RouteOne, Dealertrack or MarkOne, where lenders can compete to offer your customers the best financing. More »
With the Black Book integration into Desk Manager, WebManager and AutoManager.Mobile, you have the ability to valuate any vehicle without playing a guessing game. More »
Work out taxes, payments and fees quickly with DeskManager’s F&I calculator, which performs calculations according to rates specific to your state and county. More »
Get on-site credit reports from Experian©, TransUnion©, Equifax©, CBC© and CoreLogic Credco©. DeskManager saves each report to its respective contact so it can be retrieved later. More »
Run accurate title history checks on single vehicles or your entire inventory in a snap, for as low as $1 per report*. With our pay-as-you-go integration, dealers nationwide can evaluate inventory, boost customer confidence or satisfy regulations for less. More »

*California only. Other states pay $2.50.
Our advanced, modern Metro 2 credit reporting interface scans your credit reports for errors, double-checking with you if something doesn’t seem quite right. More »
Manage all your dealership’s new leads, from website inquiries to credit applications to emails. Once you import a new message into the system, DeskManager adds its information to an existing prospect or creates a new one automatically. More »
Sell vehicles in the State of Florida? You’ll love our integrated Electronic Temporary Registration interface, which allows you to report temporary licenses and metal plate transfers in compliance with state law. More »
Additional Features
  • Electronic GAP Interface to Classic GAP
  • Accounts Receivable and In-House Financing
  • Retail, Wholesale, and Lease Operations
  • Service Department Estimating and Invoicing System and Parts Inventory
  • All Deals: Trade, Finance, Retail, Wholesale and Lease
  • Inventory - (Sold, Available or Pending) Find by VIN, Stock #, Make, Model, Year, License, Key #. Sort inventory by Age, Make, Model, Stock#
  • Easily access any Deal - (Pending or Sold) Find by Buyer, Co-Buyer, Phone #, Stock #, ROS #
  • New deal defaults automatically filled in (Doc Prep, Smog Fee, Warranty, Tax, License, Registration, Pack amounts, and more)
  • Internet Ready
  • Calculate Rollbacks: Down Payment, Cash Price, APR, Total Driveaway, Term & Cash Down
  • Credit Application Form
  • Easy-to-use Windows interface: fill in the blanks, pick from lists, simple menu choices
  • Synchronize information using Dial-Up or Internet (VPN)
  • Multiple Account Bank Register & Check Writing capability
  • Window Stickers in color or B&W, Buyers Guides, Bar Code and Label printing
  • Drivers License and Credit Card scanning
  • Lease-Purchase Comparison
  • Multi-user support for local, remote and portable users
  • Network Ready (Local & Wide Area Networks)
  • Automatic Inventory upload including up to 60 photos to WebManager

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