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Black Book Valuation

Get the Most Accurate Valuation of Every Vehicle.

Having up-to-date pricing on vehicles is tough because most databases are not updated frequently. However, Black Book will provide the most up-to-date valuation on any car with a simple click. Black Book will also give you different valuations based on the condition of the car.

With the Black Book integration within DeskManager and WebManager, you will always know what your car is worth without playing any guessing games.

Appraise Your
Vehicles with AutoManager.Mobile

With AutoManager.Mobile, you could use your smart phone and valuate any vehicle on-the-go. With the Black Book integration in the AutoManager.Mobile application, your dealership will be able to get the most up-to-date valuations for vehicles.

The AutoManager.Mobile application comes in handy especially at auctions where everything is fast paced. The Black Book integration within the AutoManager.Mobile app will keep you up to speed and up to date on vehicle valuations.

* The AutoManager.Mobile application is only available to WebManager customers.

  • Up to date vehicle valuations. (Valuations are updated 52 times per year)
  • Integration with Auto Manager.Mobile to allow for on-the-go valuations
  • Tiered valuations based on the condition of the vehicle (Extra Clean, Clean, Average, Rough)
  • Original MSRP and a Finance Advance value
  • Black Book provides Wholesale, Retail, and Trade-in prices.

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