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QuickBooks® Integration

Transfer your financial data directly into QuickBooks® through our clear and simple interface.


DeskManager keeps you current by showing you a list of all deals, payments, adjustments and inventory that have changed since the last time you exported to QuickBooks®. All you have to do is click ‘Send.’

Instant, automatic chart of accounts.

Setting up a chart of accounts in QuickBooks® probably isn’t your favorite pastime. Thankfully, DeskManager can use your dealership’s transaction data to do it for you.

If you already have your chart of accounts set up in QuickBooks®, DeskManager can use that as its framework. Our software is totally flexible, so you can have different asset, expense, or “cost of goods sold” accounts for different expense categories.

Everything in its right place.

For your convenience, DeskManager allows you to have different sets of account mappings based on vehicle type or location (which you can custom-define in DeskManager). You can also exclude certain expenses from carrying over into QuickBooks®.
  • Export deals, inventory and payments in seconds
  • Export detailed DeskManager transaction data to create a chart of accounts in QuickBooks®
  • Import your QuickBooks® chart of accounts into DeskManager
  • Keep data separated for multiple dealerships or inventory categories

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Example QuickBooks Interface Screen:   (click to enlarge)

The QuickBooks Direct Interface does NOT support QuickBooks Online.

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