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WebManager brings the most cutting-edge internet marketing techniques to your dealership, in a package that’s easy to learn and amazingly affordable.

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Dealership Website Themes

Change the entire look and feel of your site whenever you want by toggling between 17 modern themes and tons of color combinations. We can also design you a custom look that makes your dealership unforgettable.

Inventory Management

Wave your smartphone over a vehicle’s VIN, snap up to 60 photos, and publish it across the web with our free AutoManager.Mobile app. Or, copy vehicles from your DeskManager DMS or enter the VIN's manually. Any way you choose, WebManager keeps detailed records on what you uploaded and where.

Export to 100+ Marketplaces

AutoTrader®. Cars.com®. HomeNet©. Check the websites you want to send your cars to, and they get updated every day. We even have a large selection of niche and regional marketplaces, so you can target specific interests.

Craigslist Auto-Post Utility

Everyone does Craigslist these days, but nobody does it like us. While competitors make you jump through hoops to get each post up, such as manually entering verification codes, our Auto-Post Utility makes things as simple as checking the right boxes and hitting "Upload." And our variety of anti-ghosting options increase the likelihood that your ads will stay live.

Mobile Websites

A growing percentage of your customers are doing their car shopping from the road, and now you have the right medium to reach them. We can detect when a vistor is using a mobile device, and convert your website to a simple inventory list that’s fast, easy to browse and will capture more leads.

Vehicle Photo Overlays

Add branding and a unique look to your vehicle photos with the new Vehicle Photo Overlays feature in WebManager. Decide to apply overlays to either your first photo, all photos or just to the photo that gets posted to Craigslist.

Auto Video YouTube Posting

Search engine optimization is the most important aspect of digital marketing. With your website’s links automatically being posted to YouTube, your website will see a great SEO increase. The better your website’s SEO is, the higher the visibility is of your website and your vehicle posts.

eBay® Motors Management

Do you auction vehicles on eBay® Motors? WebManager is about to make your life a whole lot easier. Now you can upload and manage new eBay listings directly from our interface, and set automatic auction controls to take the load off your shoulders. Your listings will stand out to bidders with the same professional design and branding used on your website.

Shares Data with a DMS

In one click, leads gathered in WebManager transfer to DeskManager DMS. Vehicles you’ve scanned and photographed with AutoManager.Mobile appear in your DMS inventory. No retyping, no discrepancies, no mistakes.

App for Android/iOS

Manage your lots on the go with AutoManager.Mobile, a free app for Android and iOS mobile devices. Using your device’s camera, you can scan new inventory, tag it with up to 60 photos, run NMVTIS and CARFAX reports prior to purchase.

SiriusXM Pre-Owned Program

For the first time, Dealers using AutoManager can join over 10,000 Dealers and sign up for the SiriusXM® Pre-Owned program. This is at no cost to you and gives your customers a Free 3-Month Trial of SiriusXM®.In addition, over 50% of the new vehicles sold since 2009 are factory-equipped and they are now in your inventory. Participating in this program in a simple way to increase customer satisfaction with their purchase by making every drive come alive!

Kelley Blue Book Integration

From vehicle appraisals, to window stickers, to website republishing, our practical Kelley Blue Book integrations will instantly upgrade your AutoManager experience to the next level. Avoid the frustration of being bound to standalone products and having to re-enter vehicle information. Available now on DeskManager, WebManager & AutoManager Mobile at one affordable price per dealership rooftop.

Black Book Valuation

With the Black Book integration into DeskManager, WebManager and AutoManager.Mobile, you have the ability to valuate any vehicle without playing a guessing game.

Share Data with DeskManager

How much time could you save if your website and vehicle exports were synchronized with your dealer management software? You’re about to find out. WebManager shares its vehicle, customer contact and web lead information with DeskManager, wiping out double entry and keeping all aspects of your dealership on the same page.

Post to Facebook & Twitter*

Take your social media following to the next level by giving your Facebook fan page the same functionality as your website. Fans can shop your whole vehicle collection, updated instantly with the latest descriptions, photos and pricing information from WebManager.

*Requires webplus subscription.

Dealer Website Report

To make better web marketing decisions, you need to know more about your web visitors. Our user-friendly Reports window takes the awesome stats-crunching power of Google Analytics and turns it into straightforward charts, graphs and lists that car dealers will immediately understand.

NMVTIS History Reports

Run accurate, thorough title history checks on a pay-as-you-go basis for as little as $1 per report*. Without leaving WebManager, you can pre-screen vehicles from the auction lanes, evaluate your inventory, increase customer confidence and satisfy regulations for less.

*California only. Other states pay $2.50.

Vehicle Price Comparisons

What if you knew exactly what competitors were charging before you set your vehicle prices? Our Vehicle Price Comparison tool lets you pull up each inventory item and see live price charts for similar vehicles for sale in your area. You can even click straight through to each listing to check out competitors yourself.

High-Tech Window Stickers

Engage more car shoppers by letting them interact with your vehicles in new ways. We print block-pattern QR codes on your window stickers, which visitors can scan with any smartphone to open a link to the vehicle’s full website listing. It’s also a handy tool for salespeople to pull up obscure features that didn’t fit on the sticker.

AutoCheck and CARFAX

View and order thorough reports from CARFAX and AutoCheck, the industry’s leading vehicle history providers, all without leaving WebManager. All reports you order will be available to your website visitors, adding to the trustworthiness of your listings.

Chat with Website Visitors

Personalized, presence-aware live chat integration makes it less intimidating for customers to contact you, resulting in more leads for your sales team. We've partnered with two industry leaders to provide you with chat solutions that are appropriate for the size of your dealership.

Live Chat Tech Support

Don’t like to wait on hold? The same great product support you receive over the phone can also be reached by instant message right within WebManager. Just click on Live Chat between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, to be connected with an AutoManager product expert.