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Kelley Blue Book® Valuation in DeskManager & WebManager

Vehicle Appraisals at Your Fingertips

 DeskManager offers direct integration with Kelley Blue Book (KBB), the most trusted name in the vehicle valuation industry, in order to provide accurate and reliable valuation for every vehicle in your inventory.

Key Benefits:

  • Available to an unlimited number of users per dealership rooftop
  • Accessible on WebManager and AutoManager Mobile with the same subscription
  • Run valuations with or without VIN
  • Vehicle Valuation Reports a.k.a. “Book Sheets” included

Print the Kelley Blue Book Logo & Retail Value on Your Window Stickers *

Increase buyers’ trust by displaying KBB’s logo and name, one of the most respected names in vehicle valuation, on the window sticker on every car in your inventory and build instant credibility with your buyers.

* Optional Module

Are you a WebManager subscriber?

AutoManagers Kelley Blue Book integration is also available for WebManager customers.



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