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Credit checks and compliance just got a lot simpler

AutoManager has partnered with 700Credit to provide integrated credit reporting and compliance solutions directly from your DeskManager software.

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Credit Reports

700Credit is the credit industry’s number one provider of credit reports. This credit reporting work flow is integrated right within DeskManager. This consolidates services and makes your sales process faster and easier for both you and the customer.

Compliance Workflow

700Credit provides all of the necessary compliance tools, Red Flag, OFAC, Adverse Action, and Risk-Based Pricing; all within a single solution. This allows you to concentrate on the most important thing, selling cars.

Prescreen your leads to convert more quality customers

When you know consumer credit information early in your sales process within DeskManager, you make proposals the customer can qualify for on a vehicle they can afford. Start every deal right, every time!

Try QuickApp to convert more web leads

Your customer won’t fill out a long, cumbersome web credit application, but they will fill out our friendly, welcoming web app. Your leads will grow, and you can try it for free!


With our 700Credit QuickQualify Integration for WebManager, your website visitors can submit soft pull credit reports for specific vehicles in your inventory. QuickQualify reports have no impact on consumer’s credit score while providing you with the ability to prequalify your customers before you make contact. You are also able to embed links across your site to a pop-up QuickQualify application for easy access for your web visitors.

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700 Credit
Soft Pull Inquiry Prequalification

Soft Pull Prequalification

No Impact on Consumer Credit

No Impact on Consumer’s Credit Score

Full Credit Report

Full Credit Report

Drive More Leads

  • No SSN or DOB required from your web visitors.
  • Soft pulls won’t impact consumer’s credit score.
  • Customizable banners link to a Quick Qualify application.
  • Place “Instant Pre-Approval” buttons across your site.
  • Link QuickQualify applications with individual vehicles in your inventory.

Drive More Sales

  • Retrieve a full credit profile with your leads.
  • Get the complete picture from your web visitors.
  • Estimate payments before making the first call.