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Access your DeskManager DMS from anywhere.

With AutoManager Cloud Hosting, dealers have the opportunity to access their DeskManager DMS from the office, home, or anywhere else you'd like to gain access.

AutoManager Cloud Hosting

Use DeskManager from anywhere and free up network traffic with AutoManager Cloud Hosting. By hosting your DeskManager DMS on our cloud servers, you can update vehicles, process payments, and even run credit checks from anywhere as long as you’re connected to the internet.

Hosting QuickBooks® & DMS on the Cloud

By hosting QuickBooks® with your DeskManager DMS on the cloud, you can keep your chart of accounts up-to-date from home, the office, or anywhere else with internet connection. In addition, you have the tested reliability of having your most important accounting information hosted on its very own cloud server.

DeskManager on Mac

Hosting DeskManager on the cloud means you’re able to connect from anywhere, including a Mac computer. As we are still a PC-based software, hosting on the cloud means your DeskManager is installed on a PC, but you’re able to connect to your DeskManager through a Mac via a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). However, to do this, you’ll need to install Microsoft RDP for Mac.


  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Uses less network traffic
  • Can be used on Mac
  • QuickBooks® Hosting

DeskManager on the Cloud*

Per User, Per Month

QuickBooks® & DMS on the Cloud*

Per month, up to 7 users

*Requires annual support