Electronic Lien and Title

Liens and titles for less.

If you're a dealer on Florida or Georgia who offers in-house financing to your customers, you may be affected by new ELT (Electronic Lien and Title) requirements for 2013. The purpose of these laws is to cut down on re-printing costs and improve the accuracy and accessibility of lien and title records.

Many dealerships that provide financing now need an ELT service provider to stay compliant with the law, so we're partering with Auto Data Direct to bring you an exclusive discount on ADD's popular, affordable ELT service. When you get registered with ADD as an AutoManager client, ADD will waive your activation fee (a $100 value) and let you start with just $50 in your prepaid account. Nobody likes new operating costs, but taking advantage of this offer will help your dealership keep ELT expenses to a minimum.

Do I need ELT?

As of January 2013, Florida and Georgia are the only two states that have mandatory ELT programs for dealers with in-house lending. To find out whether your dealership is subject to ELT requirements, please visit the Florida HSMV’s ELT page if you’re a Florida dealer or the Georgia Department of Revenue’s ELT page if you’re a Georgia dealer.

Get registered for ELT
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