Electronic Plain Paper Forms

Misprints are expensive. Electronic forms aren’t.

Ever tried to feed legal contracts into a dot-matrix printer? If so, you probably know how frustrating it can be to spend time aligning everything perfectly, only to have the paper jam and your contract – which you’ve already paid for – go to waste.

DeskManager eliminates waste and headaches by providing electronic versions of many of the most popular legal contracts in the U.S. auto business, such as Reynolds and Reynolds LAW® 553 and Wolters Kluwer Banker Systems® forms. We call these pay-per-use contracts ePay forms.

Type right onto the forms.

Our ePay forms allow you to type directly into each field box, so your alignment is never off. We boast a comprehensive library of LAW® 553 and Bankers Systems® retail installment contracts tailored to your specific state and region, including versions that include arbitration clauses and other modifications.

Because many contracts are drafted and copyrighted by attorneys’ groups, they require a small fee that would be charged whether you obtain the contracts through us or an outside entity. In addition to its convenience, we believe ePay is the cheapest option for printing LAW® 553 and Banker Systems® contracts because it reduces or eliminates misprints.

DeskManager's library also includes thousands of free supplementary forms.

Do less busywork.

DeskManager’s electronic forms can be instructed to pre-fill sections that remain constant for every deal, such as your address. That leaves you more time to interact with customers and sell more vehicles.


  • Print fee-based legal contracts without risking expensive misprints
  • Industry-standard forms available from sources like Reynolds and Reynolds and Wolters Kluwer
  • Type directly onto the contract
  • Sections that never change can be pre-filled
  • Print unlimited copies without extra charges
  • Includes many LAW® 553 and Bankers Systems® retail installment contracts
  • Purchase printing credits securely at an unbeatable cost