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Get More Customers Approved

MarkOne Holdings and its three regional subsidiaries are different from other lenders because of a unique credit evaluation process that does not include credit score in the formula for its decisions. Every potential customer that submits their credit application will be judged on their whole story including and not limited to: income, household size, current debts, current assets, and other items that are not typical with an automated credit check system.

Mark One offers a live underwriter for each application, which means every case will be monitored by a real person and not a computer. The benefit to this is that a live underwriter can evaluate each applicant on a case by case basis.

This makes the approval process easier for each applicant because a live underwriter can make exceptions to some parts of the application instead of just denying it the way a computer system would. Live underwriters also make the process faster which means your customers will not be waiting too long to see if they are approved for their new vehicle!

MarkOne Holdings is a Leading National Lender

Based on your dealerships location, DeskManager will automatically switch between the appropriate regional company. If your deals are occurring on the western region, the deals will be processed through WestMark Auto Finance. If your deals are occurring within the central region, then your deals will be processed through Centrus Auto Finance and eastern state process through MarkOne Financial. There is no need to worry about choosing the right subsidiary of MarkOne Holdings, because DeskManager automatically does it for you.

Easily Submit Your Credit Applications from DeskManager

DeskManager has made it simple in submitting your customer’s loan applications through MarkOne Holdings. Not only does DeskManager provide you with the correct branch of Mark One Holding’s, but your customer’s forms will be pre-filled with the information within DeskManager.


  • MarkOne Holdings covers all of the United States with three different sub companies based on geographic location.
  • Easily submit your credit applications through DeskManager
  • Live underwriters make for more lenient and quicker approval process.
  • There are no credit checks; each application is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • DeskManager automatically switches to theCentrus Auto Finance, MarkOne Financial, or WestMark Auto Finance based on the location of the deal.
  • Currently, Mark One Holdings is not available in Canada.