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DeskManager and IntelliPay are now Fully Integrated

Boost Your Dealership’s Efficiency with IntelliPay’s Integrated Payment Processing

IntelliPay is a powerful and innovative payment processing system that allows you to eliminate credit card fees. IntelliPay automatically detects credit cards and adds up to a 3% fee so you can cover your credit card processing fees.

IntelliPay ensures that the fees do not come out of your pocket by shifting the processing costs from the dealer to the customer. As a result, you pay for processing on debit and ACH/echeck transactions and less in fees overall.



Why Choose IntelliPay?

  • Only integrated payment solution with surcharging
  • Easy to get started and use
  • Trusted by many Auto Dealers
  • Support for all payment types including EMV (chip), debit and ACH/eCheck
  • US based customer support
  • Competitive rates on traditional (absorb fee) processing
  • No junk fees

Features & Benefits

  • Dealers can easily reconcile their bank statements
  • Have the right amount applied to the balance owed
  • Easily calculate the extra funds they received to apply to their credit card statements