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Lease Here Pay Here

Easily Manage Lease Payments

Our lease & lease here pay here modules allow dealers to help customers with both in-house and non-in-house lease options. From building payment notices to automated payment processing, our modules will help you ensure that you and your customers are up-to-date on payments.

Command and control

From our streamlined interface, you can see everything you need to manage payments from lease customers. As you view current leases in the main window, you can simultaneously see payment records and any notes you’ve made about your customer in the bottom window. Color coding tells you which payments are on time and which are late, and you can set the system to issue late notices automatically.

To build your own notices, type a generic letter outline into our letter editor. You can drag any field, such as customer name or days late from your customer data into the text so it’s always tailored to the recipient.

Stick to a schedule

Automated payments can also be tracked separately in LHPH, with detailed calendars that show you when your money will be processed and whether any prior payments were declined. Set up your accounts via PayPros® and we’ll notify you daily which payments are due so you can charge them all with one button.


Key Features & Benefits


  • Automated, recurring payment processing (with email confirmation)
  • Advanced late fee tracking / collection
  • Streamlined payment collection window
  • Create custom letter templates that get filled with unique info for each lessee
  • Manage automated payment schedules
  • Track mileage history

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