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DeskManager NMVTIS, CARFAX® and AutoCheck Reports

Built-In NMVTIS Reports

Reliable title information

The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is the federal government’s official database of thorough title, branding, salvage/loss, and insurance histories. Not only is it one of the most affordable vehicle history reports available, but its records are also highly accurate and generally updated more frequently than privately collected vehicle history reports.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Uses your pre-loaded VINs to look up vehicle reports inside DeskManager
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) reports available
  • No monthly fees or minimum volume
  • Order warning stickers from your account rep
  • Vehicle reports updated nightly
  • Available in DeskManager, WebManager, and AutoManager Mobile App

Satisfies state regulations

As consumer protection laws expand into the used car marketplace, many states are considering adding NMVTIS checks to the list of mandatory procedures dealers must perform before selling a vehicle.

As of July 1, 2012, California dealers must run NMVTIS reports on all used vehicles before displaying them for sale. If a report finds that a vehicle “is or has been a junk automobile or a salvage automobile or the vehicle has been reported as a junk automobile or a salvage automobile by a junk yard, salvage yard, or insurance carrier…or the certificate of title contains a brand,” a red NMVTIS warning label must be affixed to the vehicle near the buyer’s guide.

Useful at the auctions

Even if your state doesn’t require you to make these reports available to consumers, they can be used as a low-cost reference for your auction purchases.

CARFAX® Reports

Build customer confidence

With DeskManager’s seamless CARFAX integration, you can order reports and view thorough vehicle histories without having to log in to the CARFAX website.

Users viewing your listings on eBay or on your WebManager website will have free access to reports you have already run. On vehicles for which you have not run a report, users will be able to do their own free record check and order additional reports. Having the CARFAX® logo next to your listings can enhance the trust factor of your dealership website and increase the strength of your leads.

For a full breakdown of what’s included in each CARFAX report, check out CARFAX’s “About Us” page.


Also available in AutoManager Mobile App.


Also available in AutoManager Mobile App.

AutoCheck®  Reports

AutoCheck brings accurate, accessible, and affordable vehicle history information to your inventory, reducing risk for dealers and their customers.

Industrial-strength data

AutoCheck reports contain state title and registration data, plus data from independent sources, salvage yards, recycling facilities and auctions, including police-reported accident data from all 50 states.

Know the score

The AutoCheck Score℠ consolidates AutoCheck data into an easy-to-understand “score” that helps you better interpret and explain vehicle history events to your customers. The AutoCheck Score Range allows you to compare vehicles of similar age and class when appraising used vehicles.

Peace of mind

Safeguard your dealership and customers against major hidden vehicle title brands for each AutoCheck Assured™ vehicle. If a hidden title brand is found, AutoCheck refunds 110% of the N.A.D.A. Used Car Guides® retail value at the time of purchase, including up to $500 in after-market accessories. * * Subject to AutoCheck Buyback Protection terms and conditions.

How AutoCheck works with DeskManager With DeskManager

You can run and display AutoCheck reports on your inventory. Users viewing your listings on eBay or on your WebManager website can view your AutoCheck reports for free. If you do not have an AutoCheck account, you can set AutoCheck integration to display a link in your listings for users to run a free record check or pay for a full AutoCheck report. For more information call: 888-409-2204 or fill out a lead form

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