California Dealer Temp-Tag Program AB 516 FAQ

On January 1, 2019, California Assembly Bill AB 516 took effect. Referred to as the “Temp-Tag Program”, there are two things that dealers need to focus on:

  1. The Report of Sale is electronic. You no longer need special controlled paper from the DMV that requires printing on a dot-matrix printer.
  2. Any vehicles sold or leased without a license plate, or has an out-of-state license plate, receives a temporary license plate (Temp-Tag) which is printed on your laser printer.

The following FAQ will explain how you as the dealer will go about satisfying the “Temp-Tag Program” requirements that became effective January 1, 2019. In order to help you follow these requirements, AutoManager will introduce you to both SambaSafety and Fairfax Imaging.

SambaSafety is a First Line Service Provider (FLSP) within the DMV Business Partner Automation (BPA) Program. They are a third-party vendor we chose to partner with. They are “Temp-Tag Program” specialists ideally suited to work directly with large dealerships who are in the BPA Program or a dealer looking to become a BPA dealership. They are also ideally situated to help dealerships who are using a Registration Service. Filling out the form on the right is a great way to make an inquiry with SambaSafety.

Fairfax Imaging is a company that provides a “Temp-Tag Program” service meant for non-BPA dealers.

The FAQ will clearly define for you what the difference is between a BPA dealer and a non-BPA dealer.

Both SambaSafety and Fairfax Imaging have been integrated within DeskManager for your convenience.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Very little has actually changed. These are the facts that are important for you to know:

  1. The “Temp-Tag Program” started January 1, 2019.
  2. You file the Report of Sale electronically.
  3. You still print the Report of Sale and affix a portion of it to the windshield of the sold vehicle.
  4. Most vehicles you sell will have California license plates, so the necessity to print Temp-Tags won’t be often.
  5. If you do have to print a Temp-Tag, then it will be because the sold vehicle either doesn’t have a license plate or has an out-of-state license plate.
  6. We’ve integrated SambaSafety within DeskManager to help you meet the “Temp-Tag Program” requirements if you are a BPA dealer or plan on becoming one. We’ve also integrated Fairfax Imaging within DeskManager to help non-BPA dealers meet the "Temp-Tag Program" requirements.
SambaSafety is a third-party vendor AutoManager has partnered with to help our BPA dealers, or those who plan on becoming BPA dealers, meet the California “Temp-Tag Program” requirements. A BPA dealership is generally a larger dealership that sells between 10-15 cars or more per month. BPA dealers will pay a one-time charge of between $600-$700 to become a BPA dealer, and then an electronic filing fee of $29 ($24 goes to SambaSafety and $5 is a DMV fee) per vehicle transaction. In return, a BPA dealer can charge a higher documentation fee than a non-BPA dealer, is authorized to pass through the $29 cost to the customer, does not have to bring their paperwork to the DMV themselves, receives phone support, in addition to other benefits. SambaSafety can also work with your Registration Service (if you are using a Registration Service), that has signed up to work with SambaSafety.
Fairfax Imaging is a service setup by the DMV to help non-BPA dealers meet the “Temp-Tag Program” requirements. A non-BPA dealer generally sells less than 10 cars per month and may or may not use a Registration Service.
If you are a BPA dealer or intend to become one, then we recommend you use SambaSafety to meet your “Temp-Tag Program” requirements. If you are a non-BPA dealer, sell less than 10 cars per month, and don’t use a Registration Service, then generally you would work with Fairfax Imaging. However, we recommend contacting SambaSafey to see which solution is truly the best one for you.

We have integrated two ways within DeskManager to help you file the “Electronic Report of Sale” (eROS) and/or print your “Temp-Tags”.

SambaSafety is an integrated option within DeskManager specifically for BPA dealers (or dealers who plan on becoming a BPA dealer) to meet the California “Temp-Tag Program” requirements. DeskManager will transfer your registration data to the SambaSafety system after SambaSafety registers you to use their software for filing eROS and/or printing Temp-Tags. The connection to the SambaSafety system must be through a BPA Second Line Business Partner (SLBP). A registration service company is an SLBP. So signing up through a registration service that works with SambaSafety will gain you access to the SambaSafety software. Alternatively, your dealership has the option to become a BPA dealership which requires satisfying certain criteria (click here for requirements). Once you become a BPA dealer, you are an SLBP, and you can work directly with SambaSafety and would no longer need to have a registration service as an intermediary. To inquire with SambaSafety about signing-up with them, simply fill out the form to the right.

Fairfax Imaging is an integrated option within DeskManager specifically for non-BPA dealers who usually don't use a Registration Service meet the California “Temp-Tag Program” requirements. As a non-BPA dealer, you’ll contact Fairfax Imaging and register directly with them. Once that registration is complete, you’ll activate the Fairfax Imaging solution within DeskManager. Once that is done, you’ll be able to file the eROS and/or print Temp-Tags within DeskManager without having to leave the DeskManager program environment.

A Temp-Tag is a temporary license plate that gets printed on your laser printer using a special paper you buy from SambaSafety, Fairfax Imaging, or a third party business who sells this special paper.
You will only issue a Temp-Tag when the vehicle you are selling doesn’t have either a license plate or has an out-of-state license plate.
A Temp-Tag is printed with a laser printer on special, non-destructive paper, using either the SambaSafety software or using Fairfax Imaging. Both of which are integrated within DeskManager.
You can purchase this paper from SambaSafety, Fairfax Imaging, or a third party business selling this special paper.
The Temp-Tag (or temporary license plate), is placed at both the front and rear of the vehicle.
No, you can charge an extra $5 for your documentation fee.
The same way you did before. If you worked with a Registration Service you will continue to work with them. If you worked directly with a First Line Service Provider (FLSP) like SambaSafety, you will continue to do the same. If you use the Fairfax Imaging tool integrated within DeskManager, you will need to bring the paperwork to the DMV yourself.
No, the electronic report of sale takes care of this.

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