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WebManager’s comprehensive automotive website platform allows you to harness the incredible marketing potential of the web — even if you have little to no experience building a website or posting cars online.

Whether you’ve designed websites for years or just saw your first computer, WebManager’s drag-and-drop auto dealer website platform makes complex tasks a piece of cake.

Inventory management couldn't be more painless with WebManager. Use your smartphone to scan vehicle’s VIN, snap up to 100 photos, and publish it to the web with our free AutoManager Mobile app. Automatically upload vehicles from your DeskManager DMS, import your vehicles from one of dozens of third-party data sources WebManager supports, or enter a VIN manually and let WebManager's VIN decoder take care of the rest.

How much time could you save if your website and vehicle exports were synchronized with your dealer management software? You’re about to find out. WebManager also shares its vehicle, customer contact, and web lead information with DeskManager; reducing duplicate entry and keeping all aspects of your dealership on the same page.

Get the widest exposure for your vehicles by exporting your inventory to major automotive marketplace websites. WebManager can export to more than 100 marketplace websites, including AutoTrader®, Cars.com®, and HomeNet©. We even have a large selection of regional and specialized marketplaces, so you can target specific interests. Simply select the websites you want to send your cars to, and they get exported automatically every day.

Craigslist doesn't support automated inventory feeds, but we've automated the task for you anyway! With our Auto Posting Utility you can list your entire inventory on Craigslist with just a couple clicks. You don't need to waste time creating your own listing template by hand, entering your payment information, and typing in annoying CAPTCHA codes just to be allowed to post. Just launch the utility, select which cars you want to post, and press Start. You have more important things to do with your time.

Our websites feature a wide array of very attractive themes. All website themes are responsive, look great on smart phones and tablets, and are secured (HTTPS). Secured websites rank higher with Google which will enhance your SEO. Your website will also inspire greater confidence from your visitors, especially when filling out forms and making requests.

Reach more customers with a website that communicates with your social media accounts. If your dealership has a Facebook fan page, we can also set up a tab that lets your fans browse all the live inventory you already display on your website. If you have a Twitter account, your cars can be tweeted to followers as soon as they’re available.

Having an impressive website is just the first step. Our Search Engine Optimization team will make sure you get visitors. Our SEO experts can speak to you over the phone or chat with you online to create a custom SEO strategy for you and make changes whenever they’re needed.

We don’t just give your dealership what it needs to be successful. We also give you the tools you need to measure success. Our Website Analytics Reports, powered by Google Analytics, tell you who’s viewing your site, how often and where they’re coming from. You’ll also see where your site ranks when searching for keywords you want to target, and which vehicles are generating the most interest.

WebManager is the perfect choice for dealers who want a powerful, flexible, money-making Web marketing solution!

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