Social Media Integration

webplus customers get significant upgrades to their social media accounts, including searchable inventory on their Facebook fan pages and live inventory updates on their Twitter accounts. To see an example, click here.

What’s the benefit of using Facebook?

Having current listings on your fan page gives customers a compelling reason to become "fans" of your dealership. Since Facebook tells you which businesses your friends are fans of, each new fan can generate several referrals.

Studies show that buyers rely on friends’ recommendations when choosing where to shop. Therefore, fan pages don’t just generate free publicity – they also build the most important buying factor: trust.

Every new fan also receives updates from your dealership, so don’t miss the opportunity to become a voice in your community. If you haven’t created a fan page yet, click here for Facebook’s guide – it only takes a couple minutes.

What’s the benefit of using Twitter?

Twitter is a tremendous tool for businesses, because it lets you communicate with customers without getting in the way of their social conversations.

Our Twitter integration posts instant updates on your latest available inventory to a Twitter page, so loyal followers get the first look. This can be an especially useful tool for dealerships who stock rare or exotic vehicles.


  • Full browseable vehicle inventory on your Facebook Fan Page
  • Tap into your fans' social network
  • Drive traffic from Facebook to your dealership website


  • Inform followers as soon as a vehicle is available
  • Have your entire inventory tweeted automatically or choose individual cars
  • Choose the style and content of your tweets

To learn about all the benefits of upgrading to Web+, click here

To see how Naples Motorsports has used WebManager Facebook Integration, click here.

Example Facebook Integration Screen: (click to enlarge)