Social Media Integration

webplus SEO subscribers receive the latest social media tools in order to reach their online customers. Your WebManager website has been specifically designed for dealers, and so has the social media tools that are available to you.

Our SEO analysts will enhance your web exposure and make it easier for visitors to find your dealership. Together, SEO and social media creates a framework to drive traffic your way.

Facebook Posting

Post your vehicles directly to your Facebook business page. Set WebManager to trigger a post each time a vehicle goes "live".

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Facebook Inventory App

Add the Facebook inventory App to your Facebook page and showcase your entire inventory in real-time.

When customers visit your website and check out your Facebook page, they will be able to begin shopping right away from within Facebook.

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Twitter Posting

Leverage WebManager to add vehicle posts directly to your Twitter business page. This will drive more traffic to your website and add search engine optimization.

Generate more sales and increase brand awareness.

" WebPlus SEO was developed with the success of your dealership in mind. "
facebook integration