Vehicle Videos — Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

To start creating your videos, go to Settings > Website > Auto Video Options and choose your standard video settings.

The first tab, Options, lets you select basic settings like animation speed, number of photos to display and the number of background tracks.

The Description tab lets you determine the order of the script by dragging script elements up or down. On the Intro and Outro tabs you can type your own greeting or sign-off, and choose different music or image selections.

To activate video on a particular listing, click the vehicle to go to the Vehicle Details screen. Click the Media tab, then the Auto Video tab, and make sure "Enable Auto Video for this vehicle" is checked.

How do I write my own script?

Click any vehicle to get to the Vehicle Details screen. Click the Media tab, then the Auto Video tab. Write your own Video Tagline, and enter a Vehicle Description below it. Your tagline and description will be spoken at the points in the script that you defined in Settings > Website > Auto Video Options. You can preview the script by clicking the blue Generate Audio button.

Note: If the narrator has trouble pronouncing your custom text, try retyping your words the way they sound, rather than the way they’re actually spelled. For example: "Blaupunkt stereo" could be spelled out "Blau poonked stereo."

Will all my listings have videos?

Checking Enable Videos in Settings > Website > Auto Video Options makes it possible to add videos to each listing, but you still have to activate them individually when you post. To activate video on a vehicle, click the Media tab on the Vehicle Details screen, then click the tab that says Auto Video. Check the box that says "Enable Auto Video for this vehicle."

How do I add music?

In Settings > Website > Video Options, open the Description tab. Click the blue Choose Music button next to the Background Music preview. Choose a genre, and the box will open up to display a list of background tracks. Click a track to listen to it. Once you’ve found the right track, click Save.

If you have different tracks enabled for your Intro and Outro, you can choose your music on those tabs in the exact same manner.

Can I create my own video templates?

Yes. Under Settings > Website > Auto Video Options, you can create templates for your Description, Intro and Outro. Users start out with one default template for each section of the script. If you want to create a new one—say, for Sports Utility Vehicles—hit the Copy button at the top of the tab. A window will appear asking you to name your new template. Once you’ve picked a name, any further changes you make to the template will be saved under that name.

Why doesn't my video have any narration?

If you can’t hear any narration, it’s probably because you didn’t click Generate Audio before previewing or saving your listing. If you’d like to skip this step in the future, go to Settings > Website > Auto Video Options and check the box that says Generate Vehicle Description Audio automatically when vehicles are activated to Live inventory.