Vehicle Videos with Music and Narration

Get your vehicles and sales in motion.

Video is a remarkable sales tool. It captures buyers’ imaginations, and lets website visitors experience a guided "tour" of each vehicle before they visit the dealership.

Until now, the problem with creating videos for each vehicle has been simple: It’s time-consuming. Now, WebManager has knocked down this barrier with the ability to automatically generate videos for each of your vehicles, complete with beautiful text titles, transitions, narration and the music of your choice.

How long does it take?

Customizing a car video takes just a minute or two, depending on how unique you‘d like to make it. And our innovative editing system lets you make changes instantly, instead of waiting to upload a new video.

Be the director.

Don’t like the automatic narration? Type a custom script and listen as it gets read by the narrator voice you’ve selected. On the Music tab, choose between dozens of background tunes to play during your intro, outro and main presentation. You can also brand your videos with an image from your computer, such as your dealership logo, that plays at the beginning or end of your video.

Vehicle Vidoes with Music and Narration


  • Add compelling, professional video ads to your vehicle listings in seconds
  • Our natural narrator voices read your custom script, or create one automatically
  • Choose different background music tracks for your intro, outro and main presentation
  • Animated titles and transitions
  • Videos appear online immediately - no waiting for uploads
Vehicle Videos FAQ

Example Vehicle Videos Screens: (click to enlarge)