webplus Automotive SEO

Enhance your online presence with webplus SEO.

In a competitive marketplace and with changing consumer behavior, search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for a car dealer to stay aggressive in the field. Our dedicated analysts will audit your website, give you tips on optimization, and work with you on your budget to identify the plan that best fits your dealership goals.

What does webplus Automotive SEO mean for your dealership website?

We optimize your website content and keywords

Our SEO experts retitle your pages, alter web page URLs, and add meta data, descriptions and keywords to optimize your site for keywords used when consumers search for your inventory. We customize our strategy for each dealership based on the keywords in which they'd like to rank.

We get your name out there

Using specific developer tools for each of the world’s most popular search engines, we announce what you sell and what region you’re targeting to send more quality traffic your way.

Enhanced Search Results

How often do you look past the first few pages of results when searching for something online? Not many people do. We employ a wide variety of techniques to improve your ranking, and provide analytical reporting to show how your site is performing.

Your website attracts more traffic

If we build it, they will come, especially when we get you verified on Google My Business. We can even help you put your inventory on Facebook and Twitter so you can take advantage of the power of social media.

More leads interested in your vehicles

We’ve set up your website to be a comprehensive lead-generating tool. If a potential buyer is interested in a vehicle, they can get a financing quote, fill out a credit application, or schedule a test drive; all of which save them to your contact book so you can bring them to your showroom.

Better sales for your dealership

Today's car buyers start their research and shopping online. Our automotive SEO tools will make sure they find your website so you can keep the customers coming into your dealership and converting more sales.

webplus Automotive SEO Pricing Plans


Every 6 Months

Our Standard WebPlus Automotive SEO Plan is a great value option for our dealers on a tight marketing budget but still want to make an impact on their search results. Our comprehensive car dealer SEO plan will help you optimize and track keywords for your dealer website, help you auto post inventory to YouTube, and help you setup social media accounts.


Every 6 Months

In addition to all of the functionality and value that comes with the Standard WebPlus Automotive SEO Plan, the Gold Plan also includes advanced Google My Business management among your various platforms to help keep the conversation going with your potential customers and to expand the reach of your automotive dealership online.


Every 6 Months

In effort to enhance results for specific keywords and phrases, it is important to create customize content for those keywords and phrases. Our Platinum Plan includes designing multiple landing pages catered to those niche keywords to help gain visibility online and even more social media engagement than any other car dealer SEO plan.