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WebManager NMVTIS Title History Reports

All WebManager users have access to pay-as-you-go NMVTIS title history reports, an inexpensive and reliable resource compiled by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Complete vehicle title reports, on demand

NMVTIS, or the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, is a highly reliable and frequently updated database of title branding, salvage/loss and insurance histories run by the U.S. Department of Justice. While NMVTIS reports do not show minor repair and maintenance histories, they are among the most affordable vehicle history reports available.

NMVTIS reports can be ordered, printed and emailed in English and Spanish for any vehicle in your inventory, without leaving WebManager.

Run all your reports at once, or one at a time

Want to make sure your entire inventory gets a NMVTIS check? That’s as simple as pressing a button. As reports are completed, our batch processor shows you how much money is remaining in your account and will stop if your pre-paid funds are depleted.

You can also run NMVTIS reports on individual vehicles just by clicking a link.

Total California compliance

In California, state law requires used car dealers to run NMVTIS reports on each vehicle before it is displayed for sale.

California also requires that a NMVTIS warning label be affixed on the window of any vehicle that comes back with certain red flags on its NMVTIS report. We sell these weatherproof, fully compliant stickers for 50 cents each.


  • Uses your pre-loaded VINS to look up
  • NVMTIS reports inside WebManager
  • Just $1 per report for California dealers ($2.50 for other U.S. dealers)
  • English and bilingual (English/Spanish) reports available
  • No monthly fees or minimum volume

Also available in AutoManager.Mobile.

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