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WebManager Website Texting & Voice Delivers Instant Results

Website Texting & Voice, along with Lead Management, will help you increase productivity.

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Website Texting & Voice*

Website Texting & Voice provides lightning fast communication between you and your customer. Our website texting feature has been developed to work seamlessly with your WebManager website. It also includes a mobile app and is fully opt-in/opt-out compliant. The Voice feature allows you to record, track, route, and log calls via a local phone number assigned to you. You can use this number anywhere you advertise.

*Requires a current subscription to WebManager and Automotive CRM with Text and Voice.

The Complete Solution

Initial contact and subsequent tracking of a prospect lead starts right from your WebManager website through either text or a voice call. Assigning the lead to a sales person is automatic. When prospect calls or texts back, it gets routed to the assigned sales person’s cell phone. The log of all communications is always available as reference. In a nutshell, we’ve got you covered from start to end.

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