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Vehicle Photo Overlays

So many dealers post their inventory to Craigslist and export to industry marketplaces, but how are we able to help you differentiate your dealership from everyone else? Creative vehicle overlays, these templates will not only gain views for each listing, but promote brand awareness as well.

With the new vehicle video overlays WebManager allows you to apply stylish overlays to either the first vehicle photo, all vehicle photos or apply them to just your Craigslist posting’s first photo.

Enhance your Vehicle Photos

With these overlays, the photos are now branded with your dealership’s name and information and any custom text that you decide to add. You can also change the color of the text, choose from different overlays and even upload your own custom overlay or logo to make the photos uniquely your own.

Added Protection

The overlays give your vehicles a one-of-a-kind branding. Reducing the threat of being copied or used by other dealers. This way you are sure that the time and effort you place to take your photos are preserved and represented correctly on your website or Craigslist posting.

More Presence on Craigslist & Classified Sites

With the option to add these overlays to your first Craigslist photo, your ads can take on a new look and be more noticeable. Also, your potential customers will immediately know the vehicle is from your dealership and have easy access to your dealership’s contact number.

A customer visiting your site, can also see that your branding is consistent by seeing matching overlays, creating even more brand impact.

If you decide to apply the overlay to any of your photos, those photos will also be used on any of the over 100 export sites WebManager exports to, providing a more prominent presence for your dealership’s listing.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Enhance photos with overlays for different uses: website, craigslist and export site listings
  • Protect ownership of photos and brand each car in your inventory
  • Improve you visiblity and posting look on Craigslist
  • Included free of charge with your WebManager subscription

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