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DeskManager & WebManager Window Stickers and Buyers Guides

Window Stickers and Buyers Guides

DeskManager and WebManager window stickers and buyers guides are available in versatile designs to address the needs of every dealership while making comparison shopping much easier for buyers.

Impressions That Stick

By keying in just the VIN, you will unlock a slew of vehicle data and options which can be bolstered with selling points you would like to highlight. Once the vehicle is in the system, you can finalize certain details such as the mileage, color, and service history. The real-time preview ability lets you check the appearance of your final product at every step along the way.

Go By The Book

Print out your buyer’s guides using one of the many prebuilt templates in DeskManager/WebManager and offer the warranty types that are applicable to each vehicle.



  • Standard and customizable window sticker designs
  • MPG graphic/annual fuel cost breakdown
  • QR code links to online vehicle listing when scanned by a smartphone
  • Vehicle history check logos
  • Custom image banners
  • Pre-fill buyers guides by warranty type

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