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Best CRM Solution for Independent Car Dealers

Keeps Your Sales Team Organized
Keeps Your Sales Team Organized
Manages Customers & Prospects
Manages Customers & Prospects
Lead Assignment Tools
Lead Management
Integrates with Your DMS<br />
Integrates with Your DMS
Mobile App
Cutting Edge Mobile App
SMART Auto-Responder System
SMART Auto-Responder System

DMS + CRM helps your dealership outperform the competition!

Convert More Lead Opportunities Into Sales With Modern Automotive CRM


Boost Conversions with Text Blasts

Boost your strategy beyond traditional email campaigns with text blast marketing, delivering unmatched conversion rates and stellar delivery performance. Unlike emails, frequently relegated to spam folders with a lowly 20% read rate, text blasts promise a striking read rate surpassing 75%. Our user-friendly tool empowers dealerships to effortlessly tailor and accurately target text messages to customers. Harness the efficacy of a streamlined platform and propel your dealership’s outreach to unprecedented levels.

Keeps Your Sales Team Organized

Finally, an integrated modern Automotive CRM and communication platform that allows used car dealerships of all sizes to manage internet leads, text messages, calls, and automated customer follow-ups. Best of all, we tightly integrate with WebManager and DeskManager.


Organize Customer Communication

Automotive CRM consolidates all customer communication, including text messages, emails, notes, recorded calls, and more, in one convenient location. Additionally, our platform supports attachments, such as proof of insurance or driver’s license copies, allowing dealership staff to access car deals from anywhere, even on the go via mobile devices. Furthermore, our system empowers dealership managers to oversee salesperson follow-ups and coach them by adding notes to recorded calls, promoting transparency, and improving sales team performance.

Lead Management

Our CRM system helps used car dealers manage their leads easily. It receives leads from popular export sites such as, Autotrader, and TrueCar, and creates custom follow-up workflows for each lead. We also provide recommended workflows for new dealers entering the industry. Additionally, our lead checklist helps salespeople keep track of all the essential touchpoints for each lead, and our Lead ROI dashboard helps determine which lead providers are worth the expense and which ones aren’t.

By connecting your CRM with DeskManager, you’re able to share data between the two platforms, relieving yourself of a lot of duplicate entry. When you initially integrate the CRM with your DMS, DeskManager sends its historical list of contacts into the portal with all relevant contact information. It also has the ability to update contacts from the prospect status to the sold status when a deal is completed inside DeskManager. We send daily inventory exports to your portal to ensure you have the most up-to-date list when connecting potential customers to their preferred vehicles inside the CRM platform.

Cutting Edge Mobile App

Our mobile app functions as a convenient, on-the-go version of your CRM, allowing you to manage tasks, texts, leads, and more from anywhere. Our VIN scanner also streamlines inventory management, automatically syncing with your desktop CRM. In addition, the app is compatible with a wide range of devices, making it easily accessible. Plus, our app features a VIN & Driver License scanner, automating data entry on the lot, and our Patented Selly Notes Pop ensures you never pick up a call uninformed.
A girl on a phone using the CRM to manage task and send texts
an innovative personalized automatic response text messages on a phone

SMART Auto-Responder System

Introducing our latest technology that enables you to send personalized auto-response text messages to your internet leads. With SMART response logic, messages are automatically sent at the appropriate time, based on different criteria such as the marketing channel that the lead came through or the need to insert a credit application link for a particular finance lead provider. You can even tailor messages for unique cases, such as when a vehicle is out of stock or when inquiries are received after hours.

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Popular Features

  • Manages Customers & Prospects
  • Lead Assignment Tools
  • Integrates with Your DMS
  • Unlimited Texting and Voice Capabilities

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