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Manage your leads better by implementing our low-cost, automotive customer relationship management and internet lead management tools specifically geared toward independent car dealers.

How will integrating a CRM with your DMS help your dealership?

Keeps Your Sales Team Organized

We’re now able to offer a fully comprehensive CRM solution for independent car dealers. The web portal allows dealers to track leads and check up on statuses of customers throughout the selling process. Your recent activities list allows you to monitor each sales rep’s events such as tasks, appointments, and all other relevant analytics. Inside the portal, you’re even able to divvy up prospects by sales rep, date of lead, and status of lead. By monitoring all of these statistics, you’re able to make sure all prospects are being serviced.

Manages Customers & Prospects

This CRM parses leads from many major third party export sites and labels each new lead to help used car dealers stay organized. It also can host important prospect and client documentation to aid along the sales process, such as forms of identification and income statements. The lead check list goes through all of the important touch points for the salesperson such as last time the prospect was emailed, called, which vehicle they’re interested in, and if they have an appointment scheduled.

Lead Assignment Tools

Our lead assignment tools ensure each and every lead is being leveraged. The lead analytics dashboard tells us the number of leads and number of sold deals worked inside the CRM. It can tell us exactly where each lead came from and is distributed via a round robin rotation. However, the round robin can be manually configured by the administrator depending on the manager’s preferences. Auto-response emails can be sent to each lead just to let them know each prospect know that someone will contact them soon. However, if a salesperson doesn’t contact a prospect quickly enough, the lead is sent back into the round robin to ensure the lead is being serviced. Administrators can manually reassign those leads as well.

Integrates with Your DMS

By connecting your CRM with DeskManager, you’re able to share data between the two platforms, relieving yourself of a lot of duplicate entry. When you initially integrate the CRM with your DMS, DeskManager sends its historical list of contacts into the portal with all relevant contact information. It also has the ability to update contacts from the prospect status to the sold status when a deal is completed inside DeskManager. We send daily inventory exports to your portal to ensure you have the most up-to-date list when connecting potential customers to their preferred vehicles inside the CRM platform.

Mobile App

The mobile app works as a mobile-version of the CRM, allowing dealers to manage appointments and tasks all on their smartphone. They can add documents like income and ID cards just by taking a picture of it inside the app. The VIN Scanner allows dealers to add inventory, which links to their desktop CRM as well. They’re even able to sync the CRM's calendar with their iPhone/Android calendars.

Unlimited Texting and Voice Capabilities

Visitors to your WebManager website can text you directly from your website. The text will go straight to the Automotive CRM web dashboard as well as the CRM mobile app. You’ll also be able to save the text conversation as it occurs in real-time as it will be stored within Automotive CRM. With Automotive CRM voice, you can record inbound and outbound calls. Automotive CRM is in compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

The SMART Auto-Responder System

This new technology allows you to send customized auto-response text messages to your internet leads. The SMART response logic will automatically send the right message at the right time based on different criteria such as whether the lead came through a specific marketing channel, or whether a credit application link needs to be inserted for a special finance lead provider. Text messages could also be customized for special cases such as when the vehicle is out of stock, or if the inquiry is received after hours. In addition, this new technology can send automatic follow-up texts if leads do not respond within a certain amount of time, maintaining engagement with leads.

Automotive CRM User Tiers

Includes both Desktop and Mobile (USA & Canada Pricing)*

  • * Billed Monthly w/ Quarterly Commitment
  • Each User Plan Includes Unlimited Voice and Text
  • Smart Text for Work Plan Sold Separately