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Backed by 30+ years of industry experience and development, DeskManager is designed to help you sell more cars by simplifying your most time-consuming tasks.

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The most adaptable DMS in the business.

How much could your dealership achieve if it were better organized? You're about to find out with DeskManager; the smartest choice for running your business. Features include:

  • Inventory Control w/ VIN Decoding
  • Advanced F&I Tools w/ Roll Back
  • Buy Here Pay Here
  • Lease Here Pay Here
  • Customizable Reports
  • Contact/Lead Management
  • Send Finances to QuickBooks®
  • Comprehensive Valuation Tools
  • Thousands of Printable Forms
  • Synchronize w/ your Website

Take command of your auto lot.

To add a new vehicle, all you need is a VIN. From there, your new inventory is pre-filled with all its factory information, so all you have to do is note mileage and modifications. In seconds, you can add up to 60 photos per vehicle and rotate, reorder and caption them for the Web.

When a vehicle is loaded into DeskManager, its life story sticks with it. So no matter how long it's been since you first sold the vehicle, you'll know exactly who owned it, what condition it's in and how much money it's made you.


Cut out the middleman with DeskManager F&I.

DeskManager's professional finance tools make sure you can find a profitable way to meet your customers' demands. Our Roll Back feature lets you tweak any deal figure to arrive at a desired payment.

More importantly, you'll be equipped to increase profits dramatically by offering in-house financing to customers instead of letting the banks make money off your sale. DeskManager can manage Buy Here Pay Here and Lease Here Pay Here deals, conduct amazingly thorough credit checks and reports, and even process secure payments.

Finance Tools

Close deals with total confidence.

With thousands of federal, state and local forms in our database, you'll always have the right paperwork for the sale. You can bundle them into frequently-used "packs" and print them on almost any printer.

In this business, plenty of little-known laws put you at risk for fines and lawsuits. DeskManager protects you with advanced compliance features like free OFAC checks, our Red Flag Interface for lenders and Electronic Temporary Registration module for Florida dealerships.


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