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DeskManager Online is the next generation Dealer Management System (DMS) by AutoManager, a complete all-in-one solution designed to streamline every aspect of your dealership operations, so you can focus on what matters more, selling cars! With its powerful set of features, ease of use, unmatched security features, and its cloud-based platform, DeskManager Online is the ideal technology solution for used car dealerships of all sizes.

In today’s digital landscape, used car dealerships demand a modern cloud-based solution to stay competitive, but many of them cannot achieve their goals with their legacy systems. Legacy applications lack the flexibility and advanced architecture to scale and integrate with other modern systems, which in turn hinder the adaptability that is required to stay relevant in this fast-changing used car marketplace. Furthermore, the cost of maintaining old systems and processes is becoming more prohibitive as they fail to get vendor support. Smaller independent dealerships are especially under a lot of pressure to keep costs in check while trying to compete with large and well-funded businesses in the industry.

Migrating DMS systems seems like a daunting task for many dealerships. Businesses fear losing their historical and operational data when changing or upgrading systems, and many have been stuck with their legacy systems just because they have no feasible option to migrate their existing data to the new platform. So, when it comes to switching DMS systems, businesses face major challenges dealing with the transfer of data from an old system to a new platform. There are major advantages when you migrate from your legacy DMS to DeskManager Online. Let’s take a closer look at why DeskManager Online is your ideal DMS.

Seamless Data Migration Without Interruption In Your Operations

DeskManager Online provides existing DeskManager 11 (Desktop-based System) users with an opportunity to upgrade their systems to a new cloud-based platform without any interruption in their operations. We offer automated and seamless migration of all your dealership data to this new platform. Our engineering team will support you during the upgrade process to ensure all your data is properly imported. Just migrate your data to the new system, close your DeskManager Desktop application, launch DeskManager Online, and continue exactly where you left off.

A Cloud-based and Web-based Dealer Management System

With the latest advances in technology, unconditional access from anywhere and any device is a must to keep your business competitive in this highly demanding marketplace. Furthermore, the challenges presented by unexpected events such as the recent pandemic have heightened the need to be able to access your system both remotely and from the office. DeskManager Online can be accessed from any computer, laptop, or tablet using a standard web browser. You do not need to install software on any computer, nor do you need any costly internal networks, data backup systems, and as a result, you will have significant savings maintaining your technology infrastructure. In addition, all new features and updates are instantly available to all users without the need for any system updates or individual computer upgrade processes.

Regulatory Compliance With The Latest Data Security And Privacy Rules

Businesses that handle sensitive customer information are required to fully comply with the Data Security and Privacy rules like the FTC Safeguards that are constantly evolving and becoming more stringent by the day. Staying compliant with these regulations is becoming an overwhelming task for dealerships that need to store highly sensitive customer data about their customers and their financial information. The legal risks and liabilities caused by non-compliance are way too high to be afforded by small as well as large businesses. DeskManager Online uses the latest available technologies in the market to encrypt, protect, and secure your data. It also allows you to restrict access of sensitive data to specific users or roles in your organization, ensuring that sensitive company information is only accessible by authorized staff. So, you can have peace of mind that your customers’ information and financial data are always protected.

An Integrated And Modern Interface

If you ever dreamed of bringing your dealership to the cutting edge of technology, DeskManager Online makes that dream a reality. The state-of-the-art DeskManager Online will not only have an immense impact on your bottom line and save you a lot of money in technology infrastructure and cost of ownership, improve your efficiency, and simplify your workflows, but will also give you the stunning look and feel that you expect in today’s technology-dominant world.

DeskManager Online is fully integrated with WebManager, the ultimate automotive website, social media, and digital marketing platform, providing stunning website, reporting, and digital marketing features like integration with Facebook Marketplace and automatic inventory submission to Craigslist as well as hundreds of other marketplaces. With DeskManager Online, WebManager, and our integrated Automotive CRM, you will own the most comprehensive suite of advanced technology solutions which are easy to use, easy to learn, and empower you to manage your prospects, inventory, deals, financing, website, marketing, and social media presence in a breeze.

AutoManager has been the proven leader in the automotive software industry and the proud provider of total dealership technology solutions, offering the most advanced DMS, website generation, digital marketing, and social media presence solutions to dealerships of all sizes. We strive to bring the best solutions to you. Our dedicated and knowledgeable support team are available to answer any questions and provide any training you might need.

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