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A More Efficient Parts & Service Department
By being able to link your your parts and service invoices to existing inventory and deals inside DeskManager, assuring that each vehicle is being taken care of and each customer is being serviced.

See the whole picture.

DeskManager Parts & Service integrates with the inventory records that are already in your DeskManager system, allowing you to view detailed service histories for each vehicle. You can even finance service records onto a deal to offer your customer more payment options.

In the Parts & Service module, you can see purchase histories for each part, and choose to have parts and labor expenses reflected in your QuickBooks chart of accounts. The task scheduling system lets you create job templates with standard parts and labor, print work orders, assign tasks to mechanics and keep track of total labor hours for a particular vehicle or employee. You’ll also be able to print estimates and invoices that are branded with your logo.

Have an inventory scanner? DeskManager can read barcode labels on your existing parts when the scanner is connected to your computer, and it can print new barcode labels too.

Give your service department a lift.

What keeps customers coming back to your lot for service? At the dealership, they expect efficient, quick and detailed work. And that’s exactly what our Parts & Service module helps you provide.

Key Features & Benefits

  • View/update purchase histories for each vehicle part
  • View/update service histories for each vehicle in your inventory
  • Create work orders
  • Finance service records onto a deal
  • Assign and schedule tasks for mechanics
  • Print branded estimates/invoices
  • Scan barcode-labeled parts into your system and print new barcodes (scanners sold separately)
myCarfax Logo
The Popular myCARFAX Service Shop* is Integrated within the DeskManager Parts & Service Module
myCARFAX Service Shop Integration in DeskManager Allows you to:

  • View Service History Reports of every Vehicle you are Servicing, For FREE.
  • Use the License Plate to Lookup the VIN. Use this VIN to Decode Vehicle Information.
  • Contribute to CARFAX Reports the work you did on the Vehicle.

Look for the myCARFAX Service Shop activation button CARFAX Service Shop IntegrationClickable Instructions located in the DeskManager Service Module, located on the left hand side.

*Requires DeskManager (Version 11.97.44) and the Parts & Service Module.

* Available only in the DeskManager desktop version.