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DeskManager Finance and Insurance (F&I) Calculations, Deal Structures

DeskManager enables you to create and modify different deal structures based on the unique needs of each sale. Using dealer-defined Finance templates as well as Fees and Taxes templates, and support for deferred down payments, you can easily structure deals for your Retail Cash, Retail Financed, Wholesale, and Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) cases. You can also optimize your deal structure based on different criteria such as interest rate, recurring payment amount, down payment, etc. In addition, you can add Trade-ins, service, insurance, and gap contracts to every deal.

DeskManager offers flexible and customizable profit calculation formulas to help you automatically calculate and view your front, back, and gross profits instantly. Furthermore, using dealer-defined deal statuses and flags, combined with comprehensive task generation, notes, conversation logs, and follow-up settings, you can manage your deals based on the unique workflow and requirements of your dealership.

Also, by defining Commission structures for every role involved in the sales process, you can easily manage your commissions and print commission vouchers for every deal.


Finding financing for your deals is just a click away. Through our integrated lender networks, you have access to numerous funding sources using the direct integration with DealerTrack, RouteOne®, CUDL, and Credit Lane.

DeskManager has implemented direct integration with QuickBooks® Online as well as QuickBooks Desktop. Therefore, all financial details and journal entries are seamlessly transferred to your QuickBooks accounting system.

DeskManager also has comprehensive support for Related Finance Company (RFC) and captive financing. You can easily transfer deals to your RFC and automatically generate all the necessary accounting journal entries.

You can use the extensive list of predefined Reports and Charts to gain all the necessary insights into your operations and turn those insights into actionable items that will improve the efficiency and profitability of your dealership.

The following list contains the highlights of DeskManager Finance & Insurance calculations as well as deal structuring features:

  • User-defined Finance templates simplify deal generation and structuring
  • Get your ideal deal structure based on different criteria such as interest rate, recurring payment amount, down payment, etc.
  • Manage multiple trade-Ins, service, insurance and gap contracts
  • Support for deferred down payments
  • User-defined profit calculation formulas to calculate your front end, back end and gross profits
  • Retail cash, retail financed, wholesale, and BHPH deals
  • Related Finance Company (RFC) and captive financing
  • User-defined workflows to manage the progress of your deals
  • Tasks, Notes, Conversation Logs, and Follow-Ups
  • Flexible commission templates for every role involved in the sales process
  • Extensive network of lenders through RouteOne, Dealertrack, CUDL, and CreditLane
    Track buy rate, discount rate, and dealer participation amount when working with lenders
  • Full integration with QuickBooks Online and Desktop
  • Ability to sell credit life and disability insurance
  • Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR)
  • Extensive Reports and Charts

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