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As an independent dealer, are you using eBay to help you sell?

If not, you’re missing out.

It is not only possible to find success on eBay as an independent and used car dealer, it is likely.

A car or truck is bought every 5 minutes on a mobile device, says a McKinsey study on automotive buyer trends. The study goes on to say that 60% of today’s buyers want to begin negotiations before they even reach the dealership.

eBay is a transactional website, unlike AutoTrader or, which makes this an ideal environment for those 60%.

What is a transactional website?

Instead of interacting as you would in a classified ad, a transactional website is where a visitor comes to search and can buy or bid on the spot. This is instead of conducting a search and be referred to a seller/dealer.

Maybe you have tried eBay Motors before, and not had the kind of success you were looking for. The thing is, since 2013, over 5 million vehicles have been sold on eBay Motors. Studies have shown that dealers who take the time and effort to implement their sales process on eBay, have seen a closing ratio of 20% or more, from the total quantity of prospective purchasers.

Would you like to close 20% more vehicles from your prospective purchasers?

AutoManager Recommends eBay Motors

Within a 100 mile radius from AutoManager, Inc., there are 4,399 used car or truck listings as of this writing. Also, within that same 100 mile radius, 3,939 cars or trucks have sold since April 4th 2018. You can test this out yourself, just by going to eBay, as this information is available to anyone.

Here are some tips and tricks for success:

  1. Have a sleek and good looking listing
  2. Let the first 24 pictures be the best pictures
  3. Make sure the first 200 characters provide the most important information
  4. Set the auction up with a low starting bid and a hidden reserve

Remember, your sales are not limited to just your general area.

A low starting bid means more potential leads

eBay Motors reported that over 77% of their sales transaction that originated on eBay are delivered to out of state customers who make a purchase decision based on a photographic vehicle presentation.

Do you think it is time to reconsider eBay?

When you look at the cars sold within a 100 mile radius of your dealership, ask yourself, “was one of those cars from my dealership?”


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