Dealership Information

DeskManager Online is the next-generation Dealer Management System(DMS) by AutoManager, designed to streamline every aspect of your dealership operations

  • VIN Decoding

  • APR Calculation

  • Over 10,000 forms

  • Credit Check

  • Credit Card Processing

  • Accounting Suite

Why Dealerships Love

Our Solutions

WebManager facilitates seamless inventory export to hundreds of advertising platforms, including, AutoTrader, and CarGurus, enhancing your dealership’s visibility and reach

  • VIN Decoding

  • Responsive Websites

  • Post Inventory on 250+ sites

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Craigslist & FB Posting
  • Payment Collection
  • Mobile App
  • Dashboard and Reporting
  • Live Chat Tech Support

Automotive CRM is a modern communication platform that allows dealerships to manage internet leads, text messages, calls, and automated customer follow-ups in one centralized location.

  • VIN Decoding

  • Boost Conversions with Text Blasts
  • Keeps Your Sales Team Organized
  • Work Plan Follow Up System
  • Lead Management
  • Communication Hub (Calls, Texts, Emails)
  • Integrates with DeskManager and WebManager
  • Cutting Edge Mobile App
  • SMART Auto-Responder System