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Automate Your Craigslist Postings

Our WebManager Craigslist Posting Interface is powerful and yet simple to use. You have options of automatically posting all your vehicles; select multiple vehicles to batch post; create one or more schedules to post selected or all vehicles; or simply post one vehicle at a time. All of these choices are yours. You can make Craigslist posting strategy as simple or sophisticated as you want.

Choose How You Post

  • Automatically post all your vehicles
  • Select multiple vehicles to batch post
  • Create one or more schedules to post selected or all vehicles
  • Even post one vehicle at a time

Prepare Scheduled Posts

  • Create multiple auto post schedules for your entire inventory
  • Designate specific times and days of the week for your schedules to run
  • Create schedules for different markets and vehicle categories
  • Select the option to scatter your postings throughout the day
  • Filter the types of vehicles you want to post
  • Conveniently edit and delete posts

Track Every Lead

  • We’ll assign a local number to your dealership
  • Customers can call and text this phone number
  • Respond to your consumer right from your phone
  • You can track your leads if a lead calls or texts that phone number
  • See a history of all your texts back-and-forth from that number
  • Record calls automatically and be able to listen to them later

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