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Auto Dealer Inventory Exports

Export Inventory to 250+ Marketplaces

WebManager is your portal to the highest-traffic auto classified sites on the Web, including major marketplaces like Craigslist,® and From one simple set-and-forget interface, you can arrange for your inventory to be exported automatically every night with the best possible presentation for each site you’re targeting.

By eliminating the need to log into each site individually, you’ll save hours of tedious work each week. Plus, our developers stay on top of new submission requirements to prevent your listings from being blocked or “ghosted.”

When you export listings from WebManager, you’re sending out professional, well-designed ads on behalf of your dealership. Our templates lend a professional look to Craigslist and eBay® Motors listings, and our export tool attaches the maximum number of pictures allowed by each site you send to.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Send listings to®, Craigslist,, eBay® Motors and more than 250 other sites
  • Checklist interface enables nightly exports
  • Site-specific templates ensure that your listings look stunning
  • Automatically attaches maximum number of photos for each site
  • Anti-ghosting measures reduce the chance of a rejected listing

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