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eBay Motors Auction Management

eBay® Motors for Car Dealers

Use eBay® to auction your inventory. With WebManager, you can upload and manage new listings right from our interface, setting automatic management options so you don’t even have to monitor each auction.

Automate your eBay® Motors Efforts

WebManager supports eBay’s standard auction format, Fixed Price (Buy It Now) listings, Best Offers, and Local Marketplace listings. Choose a template and color scheme to showcase your vehicles effectively, and WebManager will create the listing code for you. Your listings can contain up to 100 photos, arranged in a number of different layouts. Once your eBay® preferences are set, auctions can be launched in as little as two clicks, or you can configure WebManager to automatically list your entire inventory.

Monitor Listings from WebManager

WebManager monitors all your active eBay® auctions, and you can view the status of each from the WebManager Control Panel without having to log in to eBay®. Listings can be revised to adjust pricing, add to the description or terminate early if need be.

Complete Transactions through WebManager

If you have a winning bidder, the vehicle is automatically marked sold, and the winning bidder is added as a contact in your WebManager Control Panel so you can easily communicate with them to complete the transaction. Auctions that complete without a winning bidder can be easily re-listed.

If there is a payment dispute, you can send an Unpaid Item dispute and monitor the response in WebManager.


  • Manage eBay® auctions automatically or manually from inside WebManager
  • View current status of each auction
  • Attach up to 60 vehicle photos
  • Professionally-designed templates draw bidders to your auctions
  • Re-list expired auctions

Streamline Your Dealership

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