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Key Features

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Instant Activation

Once enrolled, refresh SiriusXM radios using the Dealer App so your customers drive home listening to the best of SiriusXM

Universal Eligibility for Modern Vehicles

77% of post-2017 vehicles eligible for
165+ in-car channels and 350+ app
channels, delivering an $80+ value.

Hassle-Free Opt-in

Opting-In to SiriusXM is free for you with no obligation, and completely free for your customer of SiriusXM

Easy Enrollment with the Pre-Owned Program

Simply enroll in the Pre-Owned Program with the AutoManager App and get started today! best of SiriusXM

Enable the SiriusXM® Feature Today

Once logged in, select Settings, then Integrations, and click SiriusXM

On the SiriusXM Integration screen, click the Dealer Registration button

Complete the Authorized Contact Information, accept the Terms & Conditions and click the Join Now button


Log into DeskManager Online

Click WebManager Marketing in the menu on the left

Click on the Dealer Registration button

The pre-filled Dealer Registration form will load. Please verify that all the information is correct and accurate

Click the Enroll Now button

Please wait until the next business day to access SiriusXM Interface

To access SiriusXM Interface, go to your inventory list, then change the View to SiriusXM Interface

Watch the video for more information on how to activate each vehicle

siriusxm pre-owned program