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AutoManager has partnered with Carpay so that you can begin accepting payments online – directly from your website.

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In Addition to Website Payments:


Carpay allows your customers to pay through a mobile app and a toll-free number.

Mobile App: Carpay

Your dealership in your customers’


Or “Make Payment” button on your website

Call: (877) 9CARPAY

For the customers who want to call-in a payment.


1. Under Settings > Integrated Vendors > Payment Management > Carpay. Click “Sign Up for Carpay”.

2. On the Carpay Landing page, click “Activate Carpay in DeskManager” and fill out the related forms.

3. YOU’RE DONE! A Carpay rep will reach out within 24 hours to schedule training & setup.


Carpay makes it easy for our customers and our staff. We tell our customers to download the Carpay app, and that’s how they like to make their payment. I can’t imagine going back to the days (before Carpay) of taking all of our payments by phone!

Sarah L

Finance, Mid-Country