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SiriusXM Frequently Asked Questions

Does SiriusXM Satellite Radio Integration cost my dealership anything?

As long as you are a subscribed to WebManager or have DeskManager with active support then it is completely FREE.

How long will it take to register for SiriusXM Integration within WebManager?

The process to register should not take longer than two to three minutes.

When I click “Activate Demo” does that start the Three-Month Trial?

No it does not. Whenever you click “Activate Demo” on a car it will be a demonstration of the trial but it will not start the trial.

How long can a vehicle stay in “Demo” mode?
The “Demo” mode will be active for six months after activation. However, if you have yet to sell the vehicle in six months then you will be able to reactivate again.
Is there any way I could activate the demos in all my vehicles at once?

Currently, you will not be able to do that. In order to achieve successful activation, a vehicle must be outside and not under a garage. Also, the radio must be tuned to Channel 1 for XM Radios and Channel 184 for Sirius radios. Considering the fact that each vehicle must be prepared this way, it is a better idea to activate each radio one by one.

I can’t seem to activate SiriusXM through DeskManager, why?

If you are purely a DeskManager user and you have active support then you need to set up WebManager Lite.

Does WebManager Lite cost me anything?

WebManager Lite is a free service to DeskManager customers who have active support.

How does the AutoManager.Mobile Application work?

AutoManager.Mobile allows you to activate demos while you are in the car. SiriusXM currently does not have a mobile application that activates demos in your vehicles.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio Integration sounds great, how can I set it up?

Follow these instructions.

I want to sell more cars; will SiriusXM help me do that?

We can’t promise that you will sell more cars by offering free Three-Month Trials to SiriusXM radio, but with a three month trial offering over 140 channels, there is certainly something to spark the interest of any driver. It might just be the icing on the cake your dealership is looking for!