Credco Setup

DeskManager Version 11 Instructions

To setup your Credco Application, please follow these instructions.

  1. Begin by opening up DeskManager.
  2. Click on the Credit tab.
  3. Click on New.
  4. Click on New Credit Report.
  5. Select Credco from the drop-down list.
  6. Enter your DataFlite User ID, DataFlite Password, Credco Account Number, and Credco Password. Credco should have provided you with this information. If you are missing the Account Number or Password, you will need to contact Credco.
  7. Click on Save and Exit.

DataFlite User ID and DataFlite Password

If you do have the Credco Account number and password, but you don't have the DataFlite User ID and Password, you can set up your own by going to and clicking on the New User link. Make sure that you set AutoManager as your system type. Optionally, you can contact Credco directly to have them provide you with this information.

DeskManager Version 10 Instructions

To setup your Credco Application, please follow these instructions.

  1. Begin by opening up DeskManager.
  2. From the main toolbar, click Applications Credco.
  3. Click Setup, enter your Customer Number (Member ID) and the password supplied by Credco then click Save.
  4. Click New Record to enter the customer’s information. If an error appears, you have skipped a required field.
  5. The field Repository is used to select the bureau(s) of your choice. TRW is Experian, CBI is Equifax and TUC is Trans Union. You may choose any or all of the bureaus for the inquiry.
  6. Click Save once you are finished with the initial entry.
  7. Click Communicate and then follow the instructions below depending on your communication mode (Dial-up Application or DSL/SSL Application).

Using Credco: Dial-up Application

  1. Click Communicate.
  2. Click Modem.
  3. The first time using the system, you must select your modem. Your selection will be stored for future use.
  4. Click Modem Dial-up to establish a connection.
  5. The credit inquiry will appear in the Report section of the screen.
  6. Print the report once it appears on the screen.

Using Credco: DSL/SSL Application

  1. Go to and click the New User link to obtain your FAC Key.
  2. Fill out the Registration Form and click on Save.
  3. Credco will e-mail you the FAC Key Number.
  4. Open up DeskManager. Be sure you are using 10.3 xx 2.7 or greater (2.7 is the Feb 7 Version).
  5. Click Applications Credco.
  6. Click Setup.
  7. Enter your Customer Number and Password provided by Credco, and click Save.
  8. Click New Record, enter the information, and click Save.
  9. Click Communicate and select Internet.
  10. Enter the FAC Key received from Credco.
  11. Click Authenticate. Be sure the authentication process is verified and completed and no error message is generated.
  12. You may now proceed by clicking the SSL button to run the Credit Report.
  13. Repeat this process from the beginning if you get an "Authentication Failed" error message.