Configuring Form Printing

Selecting Forms

  1. From the main menu, click Setup->Available Forms.
  2. Select State or Warranty.
  3. Check the boxes next to the forms you need displayed in your Deal section and click Update.
  4. Check the revision dates and numbers with the ones displayed on the Available Forms menu. The form number is usually located at the top or bottom of the form. The system will display the total number of forms you have selected.

Entering Data

  1. Add a new vehicle to the Inventory. From the main toolbar, click Inventory, click Add, follow the prompts, and then click Save.
  2. Make a new Deal. From the main toolbar, click Deal/Trade, click New Deal, enter a Valid Stock Number and enter the Deal Information (Cash Price, Accessories and all the fees); select the Customer Tab and enter the information; select Co-Buyer, Trade, Warranty and Financing if necessary. Click Save and save as Pending or Sold.
  3. Click Forms (at the top left corner of the Deal/Trade screen).
  4. Double-click the form you want to print.
  5. Enter the top and left margin numbers.
    1. The top and left margin numbers are used to automatically adjust form positioning when printing. To find the correct numbers for these settings, first print a form without entering any values for the top and left margins.
    2. The form may print out of alignment, either too high or too low on the page, or too far to the left or right. Determine how far the form would need to be adjusted from the top and/or left in inches (or fractions of an inch) to be properly aligned.
    3. For the top and left margin numbers, a value of 1000 represents one inch. For example, if the form needs to be printed one quarter of an inch lower on the page, enter a value of 250 for the top margin. Based on your measurements from the step above, calculate the values for the top and left margin and enter them.
    4. Print another form and check that it is properly aligned. Repeat the steps above as needed.
  6. Click Print. (The minimum data requirement for form printing is Stock Number, customer Last and First Name and a selling price.)