Importing from BlueBook

If you have not yet done so, setup the Bluebook Export Option

  1. Open your Bluebook software.
  2. Click Preferences General Export.
  3. Select Summarized Equipment, ASCII Format.
  4. Save Settings.

Importing From Bluebook

  1. Open your Bluebook software and select your Vehicle file.
  2. Click Export (Selected or Complete List).
  3. Open your DeskManager software.
  4. From the DeskManager main menu, click File Import/Export Import From Bluebook.
  5. If your Bluebook software was installed in a folder other than its default path, enter the location of the KARPOWER.ASC file in the File Location Field. Otherwise, be sure the path C:\BLUEBOOK\KARPOWER.ASC appears in the File Location Field. Click OK.
  6. Available Stock Numbers will be added/imported to DeskManager. Sold Stock Numbers remain intact.