Experian SSL Setup

To setup your Experian SSL account, please follow these instructions.

  1. Create a new permanent password through the Experian eSolutions website. Go to the Experian eSolutions Login Page , click on the Designate log in link, and follow the instructions on the screen. Experian will e-mail you your permanent password.
  2. Open the DeskManager software.
  3. Click on Communications under the Set Up menu in DeskManager.
  4. Fill in the User ID, Password, DB Host, Preamble, Opt. Initials, Subscriber Code, and Communication Mode fields with the appropriate data provided by Experian. You can select any Risk Model / Add-ons you need from the list.

    A sample entry would look like this:

    User ID: <the userid provided by Experian (lower case only)>
    Password: <the password provided by Experian>
    DB Host: <the CIS provided by Experian>
    Preamble: <the preamble provided by Experian>
    Opt. Initials: <your initials here -- this field cannot be left blank>
    Subscriber Code:   <the subscriber code provided by Experian>
    Comm. Mode: <select Production>
  5. Save your setup options and close the screen.
  6. Click the Communicate button from DeskManager's main toolbar.
  7. Click Add to enter a new applicant's information, or click Search to locate an existing applicant.
  8. Select the Experian SSL option.
  9. Click Connect to establish a connection and retrieve the credit report. Once completed, a new window will pop up containing the credit information.