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ValueManager is an affordable yet powerful product that gives all the tools and technologies you need to value, manage, and showcase your inventory.

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ValueManager is everything Karpower was and MORE!

Take your dealership tools to the next level with ValueManager


ValueManager+KBB/J.D. Power is the most advanced and feature-rich replacement for the now-discontinued KBB Karpower tool. By incorporating numerous enhancement requests and implementation feedback from our customers, we have created ValueManager to answer your most compelling inventory valuation, management, and marketing needs.

Easy to use
With ValueManager, you can easily and instantly run KBB and JD Power valuations. ValueManager is an intuitive product, allowing you to access KBB and JD Power retail, wholesale, and trade-in values instantly.

Batch Updates
With the addition of the KBB module or the J.D. Power module, you can update all current valuations in batch with just one click! You can update valuations for your inventory at any time to make sure that your valuation and appraising data is up-to-date with market conditions.

KBB Batch Valuation pop-up window on top of the valuemanager dashboard
A vehicle inventory with each details such as make/model, appraisals, etc. and manages customers & prospects


Inventory Management
Keep your inventory organized and easily search for your vehicles. Refine the list of displayed vehicles using multiple search, filter, and ordering criteria.

Run, print, and export inventory reports for vehicles using detailed filter criteria. Advanced reporting offers dealerships comprehensive monitoring services of your inventory, with the ability to set different filters and export the results directly into an Excel or csv file.

Using your Watchlist, you can keep track of specific vehicles you’re interested in and see the valuation before adding them to your inventory.

DMS Integration
ValueManager is directly integrated with DeskManager and DeskManager Online, allowing for the sharing of vehicle information, as well as contacts and leads data. This level of connectivity greatly increases efficiency, reduces duplicate entry, and removes the complication of synchronizing data among different products.

Integration with AutoManager Mobile App
Using AutoManager Mobile App, you can instantly scan a vehicle’s VIN and add the vehicle to your inventory or your Watchlist. Run valuations and see the results immediately in AutoManager Mobile App.

Product Features
ValueManager WebManager
Inventory Management
CraigsList Bulk Posting
Mobile App
DMS Integration
JD Power and KBB Integration
SiriusXM Interface
Share Data with DeskManager
Window Stickers
Vehicle Price Comparisons
Vehicle History Reports
Vehicle Photo Overlays
Dealership Websites
Export to 250+ Marketplaces
Facebook Marketplace Auto-Posting Utility
Google Listing Integration
Social Media Posting
Automated Video Generation
eBay® Motors Management


Export to Online Classifieds Listings
Export your inventory to popular automotive classifieds websites such as Craigslist and TrueCar. Our industry-leading Craigslist Posting tool is powerful yet simple to use. You have options of automatically posting all your vehicles; selecting multiple vehicles to batch post; creating one or more schedules to post selected or all vehicles; or simply posting one vehicle at a time. All these choices are yours. Make your Craigslist posting strategy as simple or sophisticated as you want.

Using our Craigslist Posting tool, you can also:

  • Create multiple auto-post schedules for your inventory
  • Select time of postings and option to scatter your postings throughout the day
  • Designate specific times and days of the week for your schedules to run
  • Easily edit or delete posts
  • Get a local number to your dealership and track your leads using that number
  • Track your leads if they call or text, and respond to your customer directly from your phone
  • See a history of all your texts from that number

Print Window Stickers and Buyers Guides
Print Book Sheets, Buyers Guide, and Window Stickers in bulk easily and instantly from your inventory list.

valuemanager marketing tool

Add Value to Your Dealership today with ValueManager!

Popular Features

  • KBB/J.D. Power Valuations
  • Batch Updates
  • Listing on Craigslist/TrueCar
  • Window Stickers and Buyers Guides

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