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Vehicle Price Comparison

Smarter Pricing Comparison

The WebManager Pricing Comparison Tool allows you to analyze how your prices match up against the rest of the automotive marketplace, giving you the comfort of knowing that your prices are competitive.

Stay Competitive in the Market

It’s one of the oldest rules of selling: If your prices aren’t right, you’re out of business. Now, WebManager gives you the power to see what competitors are charging for similar inventory before you price each vehicle. We put your stock up against current local listings on®, AutoTrader® and eBay®.

Find the sweet spot

With clear and simple charts, WebManager shows you the highest, lowest and median list prices for similar vehicles in your area. It even accounts for mileage differences, so you can see where your car should fit along the price curve.

Get a closer look

Sometimes a used car’s value can stray outside the typical range due to vehicle damage, accessories or modifications. So WebManager gives you pictures and direct links to each competing listing, allowing you to check things out yourself.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Compare your prices to local listings on AutoTrader®,® and eBay®
  • See high, low and median prices for vehicles of the same year, make and model
  • Plot your prices along a curve that accounts for mileage

Streamline Your Dealership

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