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Lead Management

Manage Your Leads Better

WebManager funnels web leads to your dealership, converting them into contacts that automatically collect new information.

Capture Leads

eBay® listings and several pages on your website contain links to forms where users can make various types of inquiries about a dealership, financing, or a particular vehicle. These forms are captured by WebManager’s lead management system and are converted into contacts that can be accessed through the control panel. WebManager creates and bundles these contacts automatically with any relevant data visitors provide. For example, if Lisa fills out a credit app for a Nissan Leaf and asks for more information on a Chevy Volt, you’ll be able to pull up her file at any point in the future and see that she was interested in fuel-efficient vehicles. You can reply to leads using WebManager’s multimedia text editor to easily create professionally formatted messages, even messages that include pictures from your vehicle image library. Replies are recorded and sorted by lead and contact so you can view a history of your communications.

Record Every Detail

Record additional information for contacts, such as alternate phone numbers and conversation notes. When you complete a sale, you can select a contact on the Sale Detail screen so you don’t have to re-enter the buyer’s details; thus saving time in the process.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Capture lead info from eBay® and your website
  • Info saves to WebManager contacts and can be imported into DeskManager
  • Reply to online inquiries with pictures and rich text

Streamline Your Dealership

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